How to deelp cleansing your skin?

Every woman has a natural love for beauty. Besides clothing, skincare is also very important. When it comes to skincare, clay masks are a popular choice. They can help with deep cleansing to improve skin health.  And How to deep cleansing your skin? 

To thoroughly clean the skin, we must first correctly understand the matters needing attention in mask skin care, so as to avoid skin problems caused by clean skin care. Let's take a look at the four mistakes of using a mask to deep clean the skin.

moisture mask

1. Do not leave the mask on for too long

We all know that the best time to apply a face mask is 15-20 minutes. During this time, the essence in the mask can be absorbed by our skin better. If a mask stays on our face for more than 20 minutes or even longer, the essence in the mask will block our pores. Especially for mud masks, if they are left on for too long, the mask will absorb the moisture in our skin, making it drier.

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2. Do not apply the mask before makeup

Many people say applying a mask before makeup will make the skin especially moist, easy to apply, and not cakey, which is correct. Well-hydrated skin does make it easier to apply makeup. However, in the process of applying a mask, our pores are open, and if we put on makeup at this time, the substances in the makeup will be easily absorbed into our skin.

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3. Do not mask while taking a bath.

Many people think that taking a bath and masking at the same time is very pleasant. Moreover, the pores are open during the bath which is conducive to the absorption of nutrition. This view is wrong. Firstly, the high temperature in the bathroom will accelerate the evaporation of the mask and the mud mask will absorb the moisture in our skin. Secondly, the process of taking a bath is to get rid of the dirt on the skin. At this time, masking is not only not conducive to absorption but also the ingredients in the mask are easy to block the pores.

SPA mask

4. Do not mask every day.

Although masking is good for the skin, it is harmful to our skin if it is done too frequently. The nutrients in the mask are relatively high. If we mask every day, our skin cannot absorb so much essence. Over time, our skin will be in a state of overnutrition, which will easily lead to oiliness and even the formation of fat particles. For mud masks, too frequent masking will damage our skin's cuticle and cause damage to our skin barrier, which is very likely to cause sensitive skin.

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