How to use pimple patch correctly?

For the past two years, a convenient, lightweight and fast acne-removing product has been in our field of vision - acne patches! But do you really know about acne patches? How should we use pimple patch correctly?

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First, let's understand how acne patches work. The acne patch works by creating a sealed environment, isolating acne from the outside world, preventing external bacterial infection and at the same time preventing moisture from the stratum corneum from evaporating. At this time, the accumulation of water will soften the cutin and allow the active ingredients to penetrate into the skin, achieving the effect of eliminating acne and helping to heal.Here are some questions about acne stickers.

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1. If there are pustules on the acne, do I need to break them first and then stick them?
Generally, the instructions for use of acne patches will indicate not to pop the acne yourself! This is because it is usually very unhygienic to squeeze acne by yourself, as it is easy to infect the acne groove with bacteria, aggravating inflammation, and easily forming pigmentation. On the other hand, the pus head after squeezing may not necessarily run out; it may also run in and spread to the dermis, resulting in acne scars.

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2. How to choose the acne patch that suits you? There are medicated acne patches and non-medicated acne patches. The medicated acne patches, such as the ANAIRUI acne patch series, will add antibacterial agents such as salicylic acid and tea tree oil. These ingredients will be more easily absorbed by the skin when closed and can inhibit bacteria and anti-inflammation, so the effect will be better than ordinary direct application products.  

However, when using medicated acne patches, you must be aware of your current skin condition. If your skin is very sensitive, or you are allergic to ingredients such as salicylic acid, your acne will get worse after you put it on!

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3. Can I wear makeup with the acne patch? Just pay attention to the material of the acne patch, it is best to use an invisible ultra-thin acne patch. The thick inside and thin outside design not only allows the acne patch to adhere to the skin but also won't be too obvious. In this way, it is not easy to get powder stuck, and at the same time, it can absorb acne pus and protect acne from contact with cosmetics.

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