What are the niacinamide benefits?

What is Niacinamide? Nicotinamide is a member of the vitamin family. Many people may only know that nicotinamide has the effect of whitening, but in fact, it can also play other effects. So what are niacinamide benefits

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1. Whitening
The whitening principle of niacinamide accelerates metabolism and the exfoliation of keratin-containing melanocytes.
It has a small molecular weight and can be directly absorbed by epidermal cells. Stimulate those weakened cells, promote the synthesis of collagen, prevent melanin, and achieve a whitening effect.
This whitening effect is visible to the naked eye!

Niacinamide also has an anti-glycation effect, which can dilute the yellow color of protein after glycation. In other words, it has an effect on dark yellow skin, and it has obvious effects on the skin of "yellow-faced women".

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2. Anti-aging
Niacinamide can promote the synthesis of epidermal protein. By enhancing the skin's own defense ability, increasing the moisture content of the skin, reducing wrinkles, dark yellow, and stains on the facial skin. Therefore, niacinamide has been widely used in anti-aging products.

acne treat serum3. Acne
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4. Oil Control
When the content of niacinamide in the product reaches 2%, it can reduce the production of fatty acids and triglycerides in the sebum secreted by the skin, and achieve the effect of controlling oil secretion. Oil secretion is reduced, and the pores of the skin that excrete sebum will also gradually shrink, thereby achieving the effect of shrinking pores.

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