Q:How to choose skin care products suitable for your skin type

A:Oily skin: Large pores, strong oil secretion, shiny face and easy acne. Choose oil-controlling, refreshing and non-greasy skin care products.

Dry skin: Small pores, dry and tight, easy to peel, fine lines are more obvious. Choose skin care products that moisturize and hydrating .

Neutral skin:Neutral skin is the best state of the skin, no acne, no oil, no allergies. Always pay attention to clean, choose general moisturizing skin care products.

Combination skin: Unbalanced oil and water, oily T-shaped area on the face, but dry cheeks. Choose skin care products that can balance water and oil.

Sensitive skin: The stratum corneum is thin, prone to redness and swelling, and will be allergic to irritating skin care products. Choose skin care products specially developed for people with sensitive skin,the ingredients are based on pure natural plant materials are the most suitable.


Q:What are the statement standards for products?

A:PH Balanced


Paraben Free



Not tested on animals

For all skin types


Q:How to tell if my skin is sensitive?

A:If you are not sure whether your skin is sensitive skin, you can apply skin care products to your arms first, and then check for redness, itching and burning after few hours. If everything is normal, you can continue to use it.


Q:Can I use it for sensitive skin?

A:ANAIRUI skin care products use natural and organic ingredients as the main raw materials, mild and non-irritating and suitable for a variety of skin types. If you have serious sensitive skin problems, you can use anairui sensitive fix serum, which is specifically for sensitive skin.Targeted serum for skin sensitivity to reduce signs of irritation and redness.Balances skin pH imbalance in the immediate and reduce sensitivity symptoms in a short time.


Q:How to store skin care products after use?

A:Skin care products need to be sealed after use and placed in a relatively cool place to avoid exposure to the sun. They will not deteriorate during the use period.


Q:How long does it take to use skin care products to be effective?

A:The skin epidermal metabolism cycle is generally 28 days, and the skin dermal metabolism cycle is 42 days, but each persons skin is different, and each product has different pertinence. The effect of moisturizing products is obviously fast, and products for whitening and removing wrinkles need an improvement process. No matter which brand of skin care products, they must be used for a period of time to be effective.