What's the best vitamin c serum for face?

As we all know, Vitamin C serum has many skin care effects, including evening out skin tone and replenishing moisture. It also provides multiple protections for the skin, helping to keep it moisturized and translucent at all times. So, What's the best vitamin C serum for face?

benefits of a vitamin c serum

Optimal PH value for optimal vitamin C

The concentration and pH of your Vitamin C serum can greatly affect its efficacy. For starters, pH is the acid-base value, with 7 as the center point; anything lower than 7 is acidic, and anything above 7 is alkaline. For example, white vinegar is about 3 on the pH scale, making it an acidic solution. According to research, when the pH value of the Vitamin C serum is lower than 3.5 (pH<3.5), i.e. when it is acidic, our skin will start to absorb the Vitamin C.

the best vitamin c serum for face
What about concentration?

The higher the concentration of Vitamin C, the better our skin can absorb it. However, when the concentration is higher than 20%, the absorption capacity of the skin is close to saturation, and increasing the concentration will not significantly increase the absorption. Therefore, the best Vitamin C serum concentration is best at 20%.

So, pH 3.5 and 20% are two good standard values to look out for when selecting a Vitamin C serum. Additionally, people with sensitive skin should be wary, as too high a concentration or too low a pH can irritate the skin. To check for any potential allergies, it is best to perform a small patch test first! Learn more about pH 3.5 and 20% VC serum: https://www.anairuicare.com/products/20-vitamin-c-serum

how to use vitamin c serum

In order to improve absorption, it is important to ensure that the skin is well-moisturized. When the skin absorbs enough moisture, it will become soft, which will facilitate the penetration of nutrients.


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