How to Use Clay Mask for Face?

Clay face mask is a type of facial mask. In most people's daily skin care routines, there are Dead Sea mud face mask, green tea clay face mask, and turmeric bentonite clay face mask. Using green tea face clay mask benefits has cleansing deep dirt and excess oil on the skin; benefits of dead sea mud mask for face can shrink too large pores; benefits of turmeric bentonite clay mask for face can reduce inflammation and acne, improve dull skin, brighten skin.
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Before using clay mask for face, you need to clearly understand the use methods and steps of clay mask. in order to exert the benefits of clay mask to a greater dead sea mud mask
1. Allergy test

Before using the face clay mask, be sure to perform an allergy test to find out whether your skin is suitable for using the clay mask. Test method: apply a little clay mask on the back of the hand and wash it off after half an hour. If there is no redness or itching at the application area, can apply it on the face.

2、Clean your face before using the facial clay mask

Before using the clay face mask, you should use clean water to thoroughly clean the excess oil and dirt on the face to prevent the oil and dirt on the face from hindering the skin's absorption of the clay face green tea clay mask

3、Hot compress for face

After washing the face, hot compress for face is more conducive to the absorption of the clay mask. You can put a hot towel on the face for 3 minutes, and then massage it around the face for 3 to 5 minutes to open the pores and facilitate absorption.

4、Apply a mud mask

Take an appropriate amount of the clay mask and apply it evenly on the face. When applying the clay mask, pay attention to the order of use of the clay mask on the face: cheek → lip area → nose → forehead.turmeric bentonite clay face mask

5、usage time of clay mask on the face

The usage time is generally 20 minutes. After applying the mud mask on your face, do not wait for it to dry thoroughly before washing, as this will make washing difficult, and too long will backfire and irritate your skin.

6、Cleans the clay mask on the face

First use the applicator to remove the clay mask on the face, and then use clean water to clean the remaining mud film on the face, wash it from the bottom up. This will not only thoroughly clean the remaining mud on the face, but also firming the clay face mask
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