What does benefits of dead sea mud face mask do?

Dead Sea mud contains 60% of minerals, which is 10 times that of other sea mud minerals in the world. These minerals are conducive to deep cleansing of the skin, and are rich in fatty acids to make the skin smooth, soft and firm. The benefits of Dead Sea mud mask for face can deeply clean the skin. The Dead Sea mud face mask relies on high viscosity and adsorption ability to suck out the dirt and excess oil in the deep pores, dredge and shrink pores, decompose fat particles, lighten skin melanin. The dead sea mud face mask is also called a natural vacuum cleaner for the skin.

dead sea mud mask benefits

Benefits of Dead Sea Mud Mask for face

Cleans and shrinks pores

Dead Sea Mud Mask for face can cleans dirt and oil, converges pores, has strong penetration and adsorption, effectively removes rubbish on the skin, unclogs clogged pores, improves dull skin tone, and releases skin vitality easily.

Control oil & remove blackheads

Cleansing oil and control oil secretion.The minerals of Dead Sea mud face mask can increase skin metabolism, help absorb and dissolve excess oil, remove skin blackheads, and make skin refreshing and not greasy.

Firming skin

Dead Sea mud contains 60% minerals, which can regulate the acid-base balance and metabolism of the skin, supplement the nutrition of the skin cells, tighten the skin cells, and make the skin firmer.


dead sea mud mask

ANAIRUI Dead Sea mud face mask is rich in vitamins and Dead Sea mud minerals, has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect, which can help the skin expel toxins and remove aging cutin, blackheads, etc. Dead Sea Mud Mask added with jojoba oil, which has oil control and anti-inflammatory effects on oily acne skin; effective clean and shrink pores, make the skin smoother, softer, firmer and more elastic! The ANAIRUI Dead Sea minerals mud mask can be used on the face and body,effectively clean the skin and make the skin healthier.

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