What are the benefits of a vitamin c serum?

Vitamin C has long been a buzzword in beauty and skincare, a super ingredient that can help the skin rejuvenate. But what are the benefits of a vitamin c serum for skincare, and how effective is it?

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1. Promote collagen synthesis
VC is necessary for the production of collagen. If the synthesis of collagen is hindered, the skin will wrinkle and the injured skin will not recover easily. Blood vessels can also rupture and bleed due to reduced support from surrounding tissues, resulting in purpura. As the VC content in aging skin gradually decreases, pigmentation occurs.

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2. Antioxidant effect, protect skin from ultraviolet rays
VC is a powerful antioxidant that can neutralize free radicals in the skin and prevent skin from being damaged by ultraviolet rays. Therefore, VC can also be called "intradermal sunscreen". Although it cannot absorb or block ultraviolet rays, it can protect ultraviolet rays in the dermis and reduce ultraviolet rays damage.

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3. Melanin-reducing whitening effect
Vitamin c can restore melanin and inhibit melanin production, which can lighten spots, reduce pigmentation, and improve skin luster at the same time. In addition, it helps to improve dull complexion and pigmentation, creating an even and transparent skin texture. Check out the vitamin c serum with powerful high concentration to fight melanin:https://www.anairuicare.com/products/20-vitamin-c-serum

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Therefore, we should eat more VC-rich foods in our lives, such as lemons, kiwis, oranges, tomatoes, green peppers, etc. In addition, VC is beneficial to regulate human blood circulation, promoting body metabolism, improving human immunity, protect skin cells and skin elasticity.

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