Which is the best vitamin C serum to lighten dark spots on face skin?

If you are troubled by dark spots in face at this time, I would like to tell you that dark spots are actually very common skin problems, no matter what skin type, age, or gender, people may be troubled by dark spots. But do you know how dark spots form? And what are the best products to remove dark spot from face?

dark spots in face

1. Causes of dark spots

When melanin is inside the skin, it is invisible to the naked eye. Over time, melanin precipitation gradually disrupts the balance of the skin, and dark spots are exposed on the outer skin. The formation of dark spots is more complex, mainly due to genetic factors, ultraviolet radiation, endocrine reasons, living habits, and other factors. Therefore, most people choose to use Anairui 20% vitamin C serum for lightening the dark spot for face, treatment for hyperpigmentation, and brightening the skin.

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2. Spot Type

1. Freckles, small dark-brown spots on the face, usually on the nose and cheeks, are common in childhood but fade with age. The number, size, and color of freckles depend on the amount of sunlight absorbed and the individual's tolerance to sunlight.

2. Sunspots face are slightly larger than freckles and also appear tan. It is an acute inflammatory reaction of normal skin after exposure to sunlight, manifested as erythema, facial for hyperpigmentation, and desquamation. It is more common on the faces of men and women after the age of 30.

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3. Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation refers to the hyperpigmentation of the skin that occurs after an acute or chronic inflammatory process. The hyperpigmentation of face pigmentation vary from person to person.

4.age spots on the face mostly evolved from sunburn. If you do not treat sunburn well when you are young, it will turn into age spots when you are old. Age spots are different from sunburn in that they become uneven in thickness and darken in color.

sun protection clothing

3. Prevent the formation of dark spots

Do all the sun protection! Apply a high-protection sunscreen 15 minutes before going out, and try to use an umbrella or wear sun protection clothing when going out to prevent the sun’s ultraviolet rays from directly damaging our skin. Eating habits are also very important, you must eat more fruits and vegetables and keep your body and mind happy. 

best vitamin c serum

4. 20% Vitamin C serum is the best for lighten dark spot

Vitamin C can hinder the production process of melanin, and can also prevent the further oxidation of dopamine that has been generated, thereby inhibiting the regeneration of the monster melanin in the skin. So adding vitamin C serum to your skincare routine is a must. ANAIRUI 20% Vitamin C Serum contains a high concentration of Vitamin C (Pro L-Ascorbic Acid) which can be used to remove dark spot from face on the face and boost collagen for smooth, soft, and firm skin.

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