How to DIY Turmeric Face Mask Recipes for Acne Skin, Lightening Dark Spots?

Turmeric is not only a commonly used food ingredient, it can also be used to treat skin problems. It is commonly used to make diy turmeric clay face mask, which can reduce acne, fade dark spots and pigmentation, brighten skin, and relieve oily skin problems.DIY recipes with turmeric and other simple materials are a solution to multiple skin problems.The following will introduce five DIY turmeric face mask recipes for acne, dark spots, skin lightening, smoothing the skin, oil control and hydration. 

1、Turmeric for Acne Mask

Take a banana and mash it, add a pinch of turmeric powder, stir and mix into a paste, apply it on the acne skin to relieve acne inflammation, calm the skin, and remove acne.Turmeric mask recipe

2Turmeric Face Mask for Pigmentation

Spoonful of brown sugar, spoonful of tomato juice, half a spoonful of lemon juice, 1/6 spoonful of turmeric powder, and finally add the brewed green tea, and stir into a paste. Apply to the face and let it stand for 10-15 minutes, it can improve the dullness of the skin, brighten the skin, and lighten the dark spots.

Turmeric mask recipes

3Turmeric Smoothing Mask

Mix turmeric and chickpea powder, add spoonful of yogurt and a little water, stir and mix and apply to rough skin. It can cleanse the skin while exfoliating, leaving the skin smooth and soft.turmeric face mask recipes

4Turmeric Oil Control Mask

Mix a spoon and a half of sandalwood powder, a pinch of turmeric powder and 3 spoons of orange juice, and apply it to the oily skin. It can effectively absorb oil and control oil.

turmeric face mask recipe

5Turmeric Moisturizing Mask

An egg white, add two drops of olive oil, mix with fresh lemon juice and rose water, and finally add a pinch of turmeric powder to stir well. Apply it on the face to quickly relieve dry skin and moisturize the skin. They are all natural ingredients,sensitive skin can also be used.turmeric face mask recipes

In addition to your own DIY turmeric mask, you can also use the ANAIRUI turmeric vitamin C clay face mask made according to the scientific formula ratio and high-quality raw materials. A professional turmeric face mask can solve your skin problems more effectively and quickly,mainly contains turmeric and vitamin C ingredients, which can treat acne to the greatest extent, lighten dark spots and brighten your skin.

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