Where can buy best ceramides serum for skin repairing and hydrating moisturizer?

You need to understand what is ceramides before buying the best ceramides serum.

The main function of ceramide is to moisturize and repairing. Ceramide exists in the stratum corneum, which can maintain skin moisture and prevent water loss in the skin, thereby repairing the skin barrier and anti-aging. 

ceramide serum benefits

The outermost layer of the skin is the stratum corneum. The stratum corneum is composed of many substances, one of which is ceramide. Ceramide has a strong ability to bind water molecules and can form a network structure to lock the moisture in the skin. Maintain normal water content in the skin.

In the process of skin aging, the content of ceramide gradually decreases, resulting in dry and rough skin and thinning of the stratum corneum, which is prone to damage to the skin barrier, decreased skin elasticity, and wrinkles.Therefore. It can be seen that serum with ceramide also has anti-aging and repair skin barrier functions. 

serum for ceramide

ANAIRUI serum with ceramides contains 5% concentration of ceramide-3. ANAIRUI best ceramides serum has a medium strength concentration of 5% and contains 1% hyaluronic acid. ceramides repair serum is specially formulated to repair the skin barrier and relieve aging skin. Ceramide 3 is the active and stable ceramide Ingredients, best ceramides repair serum is a natural moisturizing factor, can effectively repairing,moisturize & hyrating skin.best ceramide serum

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