How to clean pores clogging and pore minimizing?

Enlarged pores can lead to clogged pores, which can lead to acne breakouts due to clogged pores. If you let it go, the situation will only get worse. How do clean pores clogging and pore minimizing? Check out the best 5 ways to shrink pores together method.

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1. Carefully cleanse the skin every day
The most important reason for enlarged pores is the accumulation of oil that has not been cleaned in time. Over time, the pores stretch and cannot be reverted back to their original state, making it imperative to perform thorough cleansing daily. In addition to using facial cleansers, exfoliating products should also be used regularly. Furthermore, make-up should always be removed thoroughly to ensure that pores remain unclogged.

Deeping clean

2. Clean the mask twice a week
The first thing to note is that for large pores or blackheads, tear-off masks should be avoided as vigorous pulling can lead to further enlargement of pores and potential damage to keratinocytes. Instead, a clay-based cleansing mask should be used 1-2 times a week to deeply cleanse the skin and remove dirt. After using a cleansing mask, astringent water should be used to restore the pores and prevent the accumulation of dirt. Learn more deeping clean masks:

3. Hydrating mask twice a week
Moisturizing is an essential part of skincare. Without adequate hydration, skin problems may arise. Proper hydration can help balance the skin's oil production, reduce clogged pores, and improve skin transparency. In addition, hydrated skin appears more supple and pores are less visible.

sun pretection

4. Do a good job of sun protection all year round
Ultraviolet (UV) rays are a major cause of skin damage. They can penetrate the skin, breaking down collagen and elastin fibers, leading to sagging skin and enlarged pores. UV rays also cause a host of other issues, reminding us that we must practice sun protection all year round.


5. Finish with base makeup
Enlarged pores cannot be completely reversed, so in addition to daily skincare, we must also learn how to use makeup to minimize their appearance. However, when wearing makeup, it is important to remember to remove all of it at the end of the day, as leaving any residue in the pores can be damaging.

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