How to get rid of blackheads and clean pores on face?

Blackheads and pores have become a problem in beauty and skincare,how to get rid of blackheads and clean pores have also become a topic that people often talk about. Blackheads and pores on the face not only look embarrassing but also affect their own beauty. So how to remove blackheads and minimize the pores is the most effective, the following editors have sorted out some practical methods.

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Formation of blackheads and pores on face
As we all know, the formation of blackheads is due to the poor cleaning of the skin surface. The excess oil secreted on the face absorbs the dust and bacteria in the air and accumulates on the surface of the skin, blocking the pores, and forming blackheads for a long time. The black dots are most likely to gather at the tip of the nose, and also open pores of face.

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Mistakes in getting rid of blackheads
The method of how to get rid of blackheads is very important. Do not use sharp objects blackheads popping, and do not squeeze blackheads rashly. Otherwise, it is very likely to damage the skin tissue and cause skin damage. These two methods are quite inadvisable. Because nails are very easy to hide bacteria, if you popping blackheads with your hands, it may cause skin inflammation, and the pores will become larger and larger.

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The best solutions to get rid of blackheads and clean pores on face
1. Pay attention to daily cleaning
Although blackheads cannot be completely removed, paying attention to daily cleaning can delay the growth of blackheads. Use a mild facial cleanser & make-up remover with deep cleansing, optionally with a facial cleanser as an aid.

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2. Use a special blackhead removal mask.
The cleansing mask uses kaolin clay or a film-forming agent to make your face feel clean after using it. At the same time, by soaking for a long time, it softens exfoliation on face and allows the blackheads to "float" out. Made with mineral-rich Dead Sea Mud, Activated Charcoal and Sea Salt, the ANAIRUI Dead Sea Mud Face Mask helps exfoliate the skin, removes dead skin, deep cleans pores of oil and dirt, removes blackheads and whiteheads, controls oil production, and minimizes pores.

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Of particular note is that
The mud mask clear pores and remove blackheads nose suitable for all skin types. However, it should also be reminded that excessive hydration can make the skin very fragile, and harmful substances will also take the opportunity to enter the skin and cause skin inflammation. Therefore, the use of the mud mask should not be too frequent, it is recommended to use it 2-3 times a week, and it should be used with caution for sensitive skin.

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