How to get rid of acne scars?

Anyone with acne should know that the red marks left after acne are very eye-catching. Some people may simply use foundation or concealer to cover up these red acne scars. But in fact, the acne wound will not heal at this time. So how to get rid of acne scars correctly?

Before talking about acne scars, we must first understand the types of acne scars! Generally, there are concave acne scars, convex acne scars, brown acne scars (acne spots), and red acne scars (acne spots). No matter the type of acne scarring, follow these three ways to treat acne scars to help effectively eliminate acne.

acne scar treatment

1. Pimples have holes to squeeze

Many professional doctors will advise "Don't squeeze acne". Improper squeezing of the skin will not only exacerbate inflamed acne but also cause damage to the dermal tissue, which can easily cause acne scars. Therefore, generally speaking, if it is open acne, it is recommended to eliminate the inflammation and let it heal naturally. But if it is cooked enough to have a hole, you can squeeze out the pus from the acne after disinfecting your hands (or use clean and disinfected tools), and wait for it to be cleaned before performing follow-up maintenance actions (the action must be gentle so as not to hurt the skin) skin.) Check out tools to help pop pimples:

pimple patch popping

2. Use acne patches

Often, applying acne patches after acne treatment can help prevent acne inflammation and recurrence. Those who have pasted it should know that white spots will appear after the acne patch absorbs the tissue fluid of the wound. The acne patch must be stuck until no tissue fluid (no white stuff) comes out. You will find that the acne wound will become cleaner. In addition to not recurring again and again, the red acne scars will not stay on the face for so long.

BHA peel pad for acne scar

3. Rubbing acid maintenance to help metabolism

After the acne wound heals, there will be red acne marks at first. At this time, apply skin care products such as mandelic acid or salicylic acid to help the metabolism of old dead skin cells. In addition, you can also cut a small piece of cotton pad, dip it in salicylic acid or mandelic acid essence, and apply it on the acne scar for about 3 minutes (not too long), which can speed up the fading of the mark

Attention: Because acid maintenance is irritating, it is not recommended to use it immediately when the skin still has a wound. You must wait until the wound has healed before maintenance.

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