Home Remedies DIY Turmeric Face Mask Recipe for Acne Prone Skin Treatment

The benefits of DIY turmeric face mask can be used to treat acne, because its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties that fight pimples and breakouts. It removes redness from acne and other types of scarring, reduces inflammation, and evens out skin discolorations.

diy turmeric face mask

How to DIY Turmeric Face Mask Simply?

1.Some people drink the turmeric as a tea with water or milk to help prevent acne outbreaks. If turmeric tea doesn’t sound very palatable to you, try mixing turmeric with plain water or coconut or sesame oil, and dab on blemishes and acne scars.

Turmeric Face Mask Recipe

2.You can also mix turmeric powder with lemon or cucumber juice to make a turmeric mask and leave on the marks for 10-15 minutes.

turmeric mask recipe

Although the home remedies DIY turmeric mask is cheaper and faster to make, I don’t recommend it.These home remedies aren’t recommended by specialists. These kind of remedies aren’t tested out by professionals, and you may not be able to grasp the correct ratio of ingredients, so you never know what kind of reaction you would get.

Also be aware of the concentration of vitamin c you put in your mask. Vitamin c is quite an unstable ingredient, it could easily react under influence of the sun and leave behind some irritation. If you’re mixing up ingredients for making a turmeric mask, better let it to the professionals.

best turmeric face mask

It is recommended that you use the ANAiRUi turmeric face mask specially formulated for acne-prone skin. The formula ratio of this turmeric face mask has been summed up through thousands of trials, combined with natural organic plant formula, suitable for any skin type.

This turmeric clay mask can not only be used to treat acne, but its powerful antioxidant properties can also help reduce hyperpigmentation and lighten dark spots. Learn more and get it:https://www.anairuicare.com/products/turmeric-face-mask

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