Why skin care needs to increase skin collagen?

Why skin care needs to increase skin collagen?

Collagen is the most important component of extracellular matrix,  It is a polymer of various extracellular interstitium and the most important structural protein in animal structure.

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With the aging of people, busy and tired work, the decrease of collagen secretion of skin makes the skin begin to become relaxed and dry, and problems with wrinkles and dull skin gloss. Therefore, to maintain the vitality of the skin, we need to increase the content of skin collagen.

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ANAIRUI collagen serum has anti-wrinkle and repairing of effect.Collagen is also a natural active moisture and helps lock in essencial moisture and forms a hydrating barrier.Can visibly reduce fine lines, wrinkles , boost skin strength by supply the collagen on your skin.

ANAIRUI collagen serum

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