Why should use face cream in summer?

With summer approaching, many people are worried that their skin will be exposed to the summer sun, and they start to wonder whether to use facial cream. We all know that face creams can help us take care of our skin. But why use face cream in summer?

moisturizer for dry skin


1. The skin loses moisture quickly
In summer, due to the high temperature, the skin moisture is easy to evaporate, and sitting in an air-conditioned room for a long time, the skin will be particularly dehydrated. Creams are effective in alleviating dry skin. It also reduces the frequency of oily skin.

best cream for wrinkles

3. Sun exposure damages the skin during the day
If you are exposed to the sun during the day, you must add a face cream when doing skincare at night, replenish nutrition in time, lock in moisture, repair skin damage during the day, and effectively delay skin aging.

If you feel that your skin is already oily in summer and you don’t want to apply face cream, you can choose some light and refreshing face cream suitable for summer. For example, ANAiRUi Turmeric+Vitamin C Face Cream contains powerful organic ingredients, which effectively repair and deeply moisturize the skin for a refresh and work well to improve the overall skin tone & texture.

Best turmeric face cream
The face cream is not exclusive to autumn and winter, nor can it be used only for extremely dry skin, but it should not be forgotten in the daily skincare routine. Take better care of our skin.

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