What's the best morning skincare routine?

As the saying goes, "the plan of a day is in the morning", the skin care time in the morning is the most stressful for the day, but skin care in the morning is also particularly important. For better skincare, learn more about the best morning skincare routine.

skincare routine 5 steps

The importance of morning skin care is like the daily breakfast. Although it is the most important meal, it is also the most easily overlooked meal. Careless skincare or no skin care will cause the skin to lose nutrients, and over time, the skin will become full of problems. It can be seen that the key to morning skincare lies in the rational use of time.

clean face

1. Wash your face
First of all, it is very important to clean the skin. The skin will secrete some oil after a night. If it is not clean, it is easy to form acne, and the metabolic waste of the skin is also easy to make the skin care products unable to absorb.

2. Lotion
After cleansing the skin, you can use toner or lotion to pat the facial skin lightly. Do a point-pat massage, which can effectively shrink the pores and clean and moisturize the skin for the second time. After using the lotion, the skin needs 2 minutes to slowly absorb nutrients. At this time, you can brush your teeth and use these 2 minutes to clean your teeth and gums reasonably.

vitamin c in serum

3. Serum
After brushing your teeth, you can use the essence milk and apply it gently on the face. Apply according to the efficacy of the essence, the anti-aging essence can focus on the obvious fine lines of expression such as nasolabial folds. The whitening and light spot essence can be applied to the cheekbones and the obvious spots. Learn more about the best serum at the morning skincare:https://www.anairuicare.com/products/20-vitamin-c-serum

4. Cream
Then use the cream in the palm of your hand to warm and rub it evenly, so that the cream is filled with the soft heat of the palm, and finally press the cream on the palm to the face. Remember to massage the face with the palm temperature to help the cream fit the skin more evenly and make the skin smooth. More delicate and soft.

5. Sun protection
Finally, after changing the clothes for work, apply a layer of sunscreen and isolation cream, and the morning skincare work is completed. The entire morning skincare and preparation for going out takes only 20 minutes.

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